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500 hours … and beyond

Question and learn quote

500 Hours … and beyond ———- I am really proud to announce that last weekend I completed my 500-hr Yoga Teacher Training with esteemed teacher training school, YogaLondon! I am now officially titled as an ‘Advanced Yoga Teacher’ … but what does that actually mean? I have learnt so much over the past year, consistently […]

Spring’s Rising Energy and Uddi...

Uddiyana Bandha Kriya, shot at a lock on the Wey and Arun Canal, West Sussex

Welcome to March!  It may still be chilly here in Kent, but there are undeniable signs of spring quite literally springing up all around! Spring is the season of rising energy, or prana as we call it in yoga traditions.  This is abundantly visible in nature, through fresh buds and blossom on trees, bulbs popping up […]

Sankalpa … yogic resolve

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WISHING YOU A HAPPY, HEALTHY, HEART-WARMING NEW YEAR 2016! Perhaps more importantly, what do you wish for yourself for this New Year? Sankalpa is, essentially, the Sanskrit word for ‘resolution’, but as with all Sanskrit words, it has great depth of meaning behind that. I first came across this word in a yoga philosophy course this year, […]

8 Reasons to try Mysore Style Ashtang...

'Guruki' Sri K Patthabi Jois

A thought that has popped up in my mind many, many times over the past 10 years …. ‘Maidstone needs Mysore!’ Mysore Style is the traditional method in which Ashtanga Yoga was taught by Guruji (Sri K Patthabi Jois) and is now taught all over the world. It is named after the city of Mysore in […]

Spring Flow Yoga Retreat 2016 …...

Blissful sunshine enjoyed from the hammocks ... on 1st November!

I am so very excited to bring you details of our next retreat … Spring Flow Yoga Retreat 29th April – 2nd May 2016 (May Day bank holiday weekend) At The Mill Retreat Centre, Normandy, France! This lusciously long, 4-day weekend will be a celebration of the springtime!  Full of new beginnings, good intentions, health and […]

Introduction To Ashtanga Yoga –...


Our second Introduction To Ashtanga Yoga Course is all set for the New Year! With six weekly classes, plus weekly handouts including extra information on the postures, breathing and meditation techniques, as well as in-depth articles by me about the eight limbs of yoga (Ashtanga means ‘eight limbs’, see below), this course is guaranteed to […]

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